Creedence Tape & Stillwater 3/4 sleeve back in stock!

big lebowski creedence cassette tape t-shirtBig Lebowski and Almost Famous fans rejoice – 2 of your favourite (and ours too) designs are back in stock for a limited time. The Dude’s Creedence tapes are once again safe with us! Now in a sharp navy blue with white cassette tape graphic screened on the chest, the Creedence Tape tee is once again available in limited quantities. A handful of M, L, & XL tees have been produced for the back to school season. Rock your dorm in style with this sweet musical tee. Just don’t have your rug stolen in the process!

Stillwater Almost Famous 3/4 sleeve frontThe long awaited return of the Stillwater Almost Famous ’73 Tour 3/4 length sleeve concert tee is also upon us! This popular item has been off the road for some time, but is now resurrected just in time for the fall touring season. The 3/4 black sleeve & collar with white body features the Stillwater logo across the chest, and a full list of the most accurate tour dates available down the back, culled from the movie and special edition dvd bonus features.

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